Save Money First!

Running a business costs money. Subscriptions aside, you’ll need to have cashflow to buy products when you get sales. Plus, it costs money to invest in ads. You’ll want to have saved up a few thousand dollars that you can invest in your business without going into debt.

This can be done by taking up active income streams so you can save money at a higher rate. Or you can set aside some money from your 9 to 5 job that you can reinvest into your business.

You should save up at least a couple thousand dollars to last you the first few months when you start experimenting with ads.

Ultimately, the goal of building an online store is to make money online. And having money set aside to experiment and grow your business can help minimize the risk of loss. You don’t want to go into debt from making the wrong financial mistakes early on.

The early stages will require experimentation and failure. And while that does have a price tag, there is a smart way to do that.